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Tucked away between a movie theater and an ice cream parlor in the small town of Escondido CA, lies a candy shop known as CC Company. Behind it’s large glass door sits a man named Joe.
If you’ve ever lived in Escondido, you’ve seen his shop.
Furthermore, if you’ve been inside you surely have not forgotten Joe. Every customer who walks through his steel and glass arches has been greeted with the highest form of customer service known to man. Joe’s focus has always been primarily on the customer experience with candy being a nice addition. Not just candy, candy with purpose. Many years ago I was fortunate enough to stumble into Joe’s shop. Little did I know, that conversation would end up lasting a lifetime. That night Joe offered me a job in the store. This was no small ask seeing as Joe had never hired anyone before. Of course I was honored and highly interested seeing as I was an avid lover of all things chocolate. I immediately began doing everything from restocking shelves and manning the register, to redesigning candy dispenser labels and making window graphics. Throughout all my time working in that store Joe never referred to me as an employee. When people came in, he always regarded me as his business partner. As the years went on CC Company endured countless hardships. Throughout it all Joe showed up every day. Some days seeing no customers at all.
No matter what, he was there. Every person that walked through those doors was far more than just a customer to Joe. Joe’s Candyland has three goals that it hopes to achieve in its lifetime: Firstly, create jobs. In the same way that Joe helped me all those years ago, we hope to one day be able to build a company that not only supports its employees financially but creates an atmosphere and environment that encourages growth from within. Secondly, to provide the world with the same exceptional customer service that every patron who met Joe received. Thirdly, provide customers with a truly unique experience that gives them the opportunity to share with others all the joy a simple candy box can produce. We hope you’ll browse the store and find some things you like. “We’ve got everything from Abba Zabba’s to Zots…” Maybe something that takes you back and leaves you with more than when you ordered. Above all else, we hope to leave this life a little better than we found it.

Max Massell
Joe’s Candyland